The history

Ruthann served for many years at Kensington Temple under Pastors Wynne Lewis and Colin Dye. She served as Director of Pastoral Care and eventually as Director of the ministry, linking the Church with the community. Here is her testimony on how the vision for Arise was birthed:

One day as I sat in my office, I suddenly realized that I was working my way out of a job. The Lord had already sent me those who could continue to lead what we had birthed in the Community Link program at Kensington Temple. So when the time was right, I simply told my Senior Pastor, Colin Dye, that the Lord was calling me because I felt pregnant with something new in my spirit, even though I did not know exactly what it was. That was a defining moment in my life.

 When Colin told me that the Lord had instructed him to release me completely from my work at KT, I knew He was beginning to move me into the destiny for which I was born. With that knowledge came a profound inner peace and the grace to move out into the unknown.

As I continued to seek the Lord, I heard him say: ‘ARISE! I am sending you to call the church – both men and women – to realize my potential for them. I am calling you to be an Ambassador to the nations!’  As this was a direct confirmation of a prophesy given to me years before, I knew that my new ministry was birthed… 

 Out of the experience in ministry, Ruthann states in her own words

“I am confident God has uniquely equipped me for this ministry. I don’t feel that there is a greater investment of my life than to transfer to women what God has given to me, so they can then give it to others in the context of their local church”.
— Ruthann Cannings

In 1991 Ruthann received a clear prophetic message from Pastor Colin Dye that she was not barren and that God would birth from her spiritual womb new life which will impact the lives of countless other women.

 The Lord who began a good work in Ruthann, continues to work in and through her. She has now had opportunities to minister in many nations as you will learn from her bio. Ruthann’s testimony lives out the phrase, Blessed to be a Blessing to others and she is careful to give all of the glory to God alone!

As yet I am strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me; just as my strength was then, now is my strength for war; both for going out and for coming in.
— Joshua 14:11